Red Rooster Coffee Company began in 1994 as a wholesaler of coffee to the gourmet gift market.  At the time, gourmet coffee was making serious roads to the average consumer and coffee shops were opening on every street corner.  While the market was taking coffee as a serious matter, we took a playful approach.  Our espresso roast was called MUD, our French Roast, Cafe de Pierre, our Tanzanian Peaberry, Pee Wee Berry. and our Decaf, Wireless, etc...

We also sold a product called Cupuacu, which is a yellow football size fruit that the seeds, when roasted, taste similar to chocolate without the caffeine. This was discovered in searching for sustainable products in the Rainforest to prevent the dessimation of the Rainforest that was occurring at the time. We won Best Buzz-Free Cocoa in a San Francisco newspaper's 100 Best List. Whole Foods carried this product and we did tastings in their California stores.

When it started we were young and idealistic. At the time we did not roast our own coffee, and because with coffee, being a commodity, the prices can flucuate quickly and dramatically. It was difficult to maintain a consistent pricing structure, and because of this, the rise of the national coffee giants (you know who those buckaroos are), and personal changes, we decided to lay the Rooster down and make him dormant, knowing one day he would rise again.

Well...17 years later, and personal roasting for years, the Red Rooster has been resurrected.  This time we are fresh and locally minded, bringing a great product at a competitive price, roasting fresh and tasty coffee. We love supporting developing countries and their efforts to build sustainable products. 
Our goal is to use this business to benefit others through our fundraising model.  We are family small business and we hope to teach our children the value of quality and hard work to make their way.
The mission of Red Rooster Coffee Company is to share our love of fresh roasted quality coffee while partnering with the community in mutually beneficial relationships.  We believe strong communities are vital to healthy living and we strive to support our local economy, families, non-profits and schools.

Here are a few ways we are doing this:
While coffee can't be grown local, when possible our arabica coffees are either Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance certified, organic or farm direct to make sure there is responsibility in growing and maintaining sustainable farming conditions for those and their families who work so hard for the coffees we love.

Any group is a collection of individuals.  We love people and the uniqueness each person brings, just as each origin and year of coffee brings its own unique character.  To show how important we think you are to helping us succeed, we offer free home delivery.  We 

You can also order our coffee to be delivered with great produce!  Check out Down2Earth Farms to get started.

Do your neighbors love coffee?  Get a group deiscount for 10 or more pounds delivered to one location.

Red Rooster has a unique program for Fund-Raising and wants to partner and support you.  We provide a lucrative fundraiser model for families, individuals, non-profits, faith based orgs, businesses and schools.  Whether you are raising funds for an upcoming adoption, are facing mounting medical bills, supporting a charity or raising support for schools and sports, we can help you reach your goals.  With us you can provide great fresh coffee at a price people would pay at the store or from a cafe, yet a good portion would go back to a CAUSE they can feel great about.  Everyone wins!  
Contact Us to learn about how our solutions can help accomplish your goals.

Are you a restaurant looking to offer your customers fresh roasted local coffee?  We would love to partner with you in developing a unique blend for your needs.  We believe a great cup of coffee is the only way to finish up a great meal.  We also provide private label coffee for coffee shops and cafes.  We are flexible and will work with you in planning your coffee offerings, delivering fresh coffee in a timely manner.

Does your office coffee need improvements?  Do your customers refuse to drink your coffee?  We would love to deliver fresh roasted coffee to your office.  We also have partners that can deliver fresh baked goods for those special days or important meetings.  Give us a call to discuss office pricing and the unique benefits to office delivery.

Did you know that coffee prices are at an all time high?  As banking and construction industries fell under the economic crash, speculators poured funds into the commodoties market driving green bean prices sky high (as well as other commodities like chocolate and sugar).  We at Red Rooster are trying to keep the cost as affordable as possible for the tasty brew.
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